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Since 2004, Leigh has taught change makers, business owners and creatives who each have a desire to make a difference and create positive change, yet, feel stumped at how to share their brand and voice for impact.

Leigh's background in marketing communications and in Transformational Coaching complements her  Media skills and techniques to benefit clients.

As a speaker and coach to countless change makers, Leigh has guided experts and owners on their path to defining what their unique soul song is and exactly how to confidently share their voice and their value in the world!

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Individual coaching

Leigh begins all client work with an Introductory Consult to learn more about you and ensure client practitioner best fit.

Leigh is a trauma aware professional coach, currently delivering 1000 sessions per annum in the corporate setting, being a mix of group workshops, 1:1 corporate executive and her private practice coaching sessions. Leigh specialises in interview confidence.

If you're tired of waiting for the change you want, personally or professionally, one decision is where true change begins. Apply now to schedule your Introductory Consult by clicking the button below and begin creating the space to transform a specific area of your life, confidence or career.

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3 Simple Zero Cost Publicity Methods for Change Makers

If you know you're ready to make a difference in the world, start here! Leigh's mini-workshop gives you the PR skills & insights to increase your impact and authority in the fastest and most effective way. It's not by building a massive social media profile (thank goodness). Planned quality PR features build your brand awareness, influence, authority and at the same time, you'll impact the community you want to reach the most.

Increase your visibility, regain control of our brand profile and land your own quality PR stories, amplifying your impact, influence and income! Find out more about this mini-workshop works here:

Step Into The Spotlight Now

Make 2024 your best year for mindfulness, wellbeing and hitting your goals!

Meet the planner that helps you improve your life every day... Transformation expert, Leigh, is sharing with you the planner to set intentions, track progress (record creative ideas on the go) and curate positive change in her life. Leigh says having everything she needs in one place complements her digital calendar & her goals don't drop into a digital abyss. 

Some of the standout features to stay on track include:  annual, monthly & weekly goals, financial or habit goals, week to a view planner & gratitude practice, self-care tracker and a visual drawing area (like a post it note to jot ideas). This is just a few! 

‚ÄúMy very organised colleagues won‚Äôt shut up about it.‚Ä̬† - Pedestrian TV¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† See for yourself:

Choose your fave organiser here!

Debbie said “Leigh has been a phenomenal coach to me. She not only offered me a powerful suite of tools but she also worked hard to understand what the issues were. I could completely trust Leigh’s coaching and insight to make me see things from a different perspective. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to move forward in their lives in an independent and empowered way.” 

Debbie, Holistic Psychotherapist, Educator, Coach

Peter, Business Analyst

Leigh was exceptional in providing assistance with developing my ‘value proposition’, (re)developing my resume, as well as (in particular), building, refining and practicing my interview skills, which ultimately led to my securing another role in the organisation. Quite importantly, Leigh demonstrated a perfect balance of valuable support, constructive advice and feedback, motivation, positive reinforcement and sensitivity (given the circumstances) throughout this transition, which I am very thankful for, and I have absolutely no reservations in highly recommending Leigh to any others in a similar situation.

Leigh has facilitated two women's workshops for the IGEA membership. Leigh is incredibly easy to work with, is passionate about diversity issues and worked very closely with us to deliver our objectives. In hosting workshops, Leigh facilitated great discussion and sharing of ideas in a safe and comfortable environment, empowering members along the way. The workshops were an enjoyable, worthwhile and productive experience for all involved.

Raelene Knowles, Interactive Gaming and Entertainment Assoc. [IGEA]

The Change Makers Journal


Leigh's blog

3 Expert Tips to End Delaying Acting on Your 2024 Goals

Feb 09, 2024

How Unknown Brands Amplify Their Influence and Impact Like a PR Pro

The True Source of Confidently Speaking on Stages

May 11, 2024

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Start curating your life today!

Do you have lots and lots of great ideas, big dreams and goals, yet struggle to have them all one single go-to planner? Leigh had planners for each different goal and has found the perfect planner/diary solution! 

Meet the diary that helps you improve your life every day... Leigh is a transformation expert and personally uses this diary to plan and positively change her own life and is now sharing this range with you. Leigh says having everything she needs in one place complements her digital calendar & none of the goals drop into a digital abyss.

There are so many features in these diaries and planners and here are some stand out features:  annual, monthly and weekly goal setting, financial or habit goals you want to change, week to a view planner complete with a regular gratitude check-in, self-care tracker and a visual drawing area (like a post it note to jot ideas on, all within the diary). This is just a few of the inclusions!

See for yourself, these gorgeous faux leather bound 2024 diaries, planners and undated planners are available here:

Learn more here

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