3 Publicity Methods On Demand Mini-Workshop for Change Makers!

For the first time ever, Leigh is sharing two decades of tips and tools learnt in the hot seat as a professional Media Advisor, so change makers like you can take your message to the world. 

Learn 3 Zero-Cost Publicity Methods To Increase Your Impact, Influence and Income

Whether you are growing your business, organisation, sharing your expertise, creative gifts or advocating for change, you'll leave this workshop with:

  • 3 publicity techniques you can use right away, including how to get your first feature article!
  • Mindset shifts that set you up for PR success (even if you've been hesitant before)!
  • Myth busting exactly why and how increasing visibility increases your audience & impact with who you can help the most
  • Zero cost methods of increasing your impact and influence in the communities that matter to you, as well as growing your income
  • Pro-techniques to approach and manage the media, speaking opportunities and more
  • Confidence to manage the process and overcome anything that's held you back from being visible in the past 

This is an On Demand training you can re-watch as many times as you like.

Leigh's previous work with global brands (incl., Penguin Publishing Group, Activision, id Software, Marvel, Tony Hawk, Oticon, Universal Pictures HE) and national community organisations (incl., Carers NSW, Relationships Australia, Salvation Army, CREATE Foundation), has enabled her to be a part of driving elevating brand visibility for high profile individuals, right through to government advocacy for change that make our world a better place.

If you're seeing peers and even people who aren't as far ahead in your expertise as you are getting featured, and you'd like to learn the art of getting your own PR and publicity, here is the opportunity to learn direct from Leigh in one afternoon! Let's roll up our sleeves in this concise and powerful workshop, gaining new skills and clearing any blocks to getting visible once and for all.

Here's to your success!

What People Say About The Mini-Program:

"Before the training, I felt like marketing was a nebulous and hard thing, this helped me understand some bite size actions I could take. Leigh’s amazing, generous, knowledgeable, tailors answers to specific needs, is approachable, and follows through! Thank you!!"

Bansi - Founder of Bend It Like Bansi, wellness, yoga, massage & Aruyvedic medicine

After attending the workshop, I say have your business questions answered by an industry specialist. I love that Leigh has so much knowledge and industry experience!

Kerry - Style Culture, Personal and Fashion Stylist for Women

The 3 Publicity Methods workshop delivers great strategies to promote my business and create new connections, as well as insights into how to communicate with others in a clear way to get my message out to the people who will benefit from my product and buy my book, read the website and listen to my talks.

SallyAnne - author

$47.00 AUD