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The True Source of Confidently Speaking on Stages

#changemaker #impact #limitingbeliefs #personalbrand #publicspeaking May 11, 2024
Beyonce Grammy Awards 2019

When anybody stands on a stage (virtual or in-person) do they command instant authority? True or false? 

Speaking your truth, going against the grain and doing what it takes to make our world a better place may not be for the faint of heart – but sharing your voice is your birth right.

Did you know Beyonce was so afraid of getting up on stages and singing, she created a sort of 'alter ego' to believe in and 'act as' while performing! Her name is Sasha Fierce. How cool is that?!

Not all speakers are singers but they are entertaining, educating and impacting others every day. From the ancient Greeks, who viewed public discourse as political participation, and in more recent times, the skill of speaking in front of groups is no longer ‘exclusively for some’ but is more accessible & I’m here to share more with you!

You see, every Change Maker who wants to impact that world has a unique story that MUST be shared.

Your confidence in your speaking skills is linked to your mindset and identity, that is, who you THINK you are. "I don't like speaking and I'm not good at it." Or, "I don't mind / enjoy speaking and I'm a confident speaker." When you take action to work on the beliefs linked to seeing yourself speaking, you will work on your identity "I am an OK speaker", "I'm getting better every time I speak in front of an audience", etc, etc.

Starting is the part you'll have the most internal resistance to. Everything about being 'seen' is an internal game, the thoughts and internal dialogue you have on this topic, and the way your body responds (feeling nervous or excited, etc). 

A way to start building your new identity and skill is to decide you'll take action. Start speaking in front of other people, small groups, then building on that. By starting, you begin to focus your thoughts and energy in this direction, new opportunities are found or revealed along the way, which gives you more practice opportunities. Consistency builds competence and in turn, confidence. 

People whose pain becomes their purpose, or whose passion for impacting others live, all feel driven to share their voice. Am I talking to you now? Watch this space in 2024 as we uncover the power of PR, which you may not be tapping into at all, as a platform to share your journey, impact the world and inspire others to change for the better. Let's work together to make your narrative a force for positive change!

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Since your repeated thoughts play a big role in your daily life, it's worth exploring which are helpful and which could be holding you back, so I've created a checklist to get you started.

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