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Hi, I'm Leigh White

Founder of SOULTOPIA


How I came to be teaching others about how to impact the world


Way back in 2004, I took a huge leap of faith and traded being a busy-as-heck Brand Manager, to dedicate my professional life to teaching change makers and leaders to share their message!

Working for myself was a big step, but I knew this was my path when I began guiding change makers, advocates, experts and founders to get out of their own way and go ALL-IN! When you get to share your knowledge and impact the world, this freedom and fulfilment is what I call living your limitless life!

How did I come to be a coach and educator? It's best I share with you a couple of truly defining moments that brought me to where I am today – coaching purpose-led people like you on exactly what to do to clear that feeling of “But who am I to do this?" and "How do I get my message out there?” and teach you the skills to be impacting those who need your expertise and skills the most.

The first defining moment happened in 2004, after becoming a parent for the first time, I left my global marketing management role and founded my own professional services firm, advising and educating C-suite leaders (as well as managers, right through to youth advocates) in the not-for-profit and high-tech entertainment sectors, which stil continues today.

Going out on my own, I’d already committed to the big step away from a "dream job" (working with famous celeb brands, international travel, being on the cutting-edge technologies during the dot com boom and working with amazing people). Instead, I was ALL-IN with my own business and I began mentoring other founders on how to avoid the mistakes I’d fallen into as a beginner. Since starting out, I've been given the opportunity to provide media training and branding keynotes to hundreds, if not thousands of individuals and audiences to amplify their messages!

Becoming a Transformational Coach evolved out of a defining moment in 2006, when I lost my beloved brother by suicide. We didn’t see it coming. I didn’t know what to do with my grief. My whole world stopped overnight. That kind of tragic and sudden loss is in your head and your heart every day.

I reached out for the information and support needed to begin my healing process, and found an understanding community to be part and went on to co-found a registered harm prevention charity (WINGS of Hope – the acronym is We Inspire New Growth after Suicide loss).

All my life I’d been interested in personal development but after this complicated type of grief, I began to look for deeper meaning in all things, beneath the surface level. In 2007, I became a lived-experience speaker and I wrote a chapter on growing through the devastation of suicide loss in a self-help book titled “Life Sucks but You Can Turn It Around: Powerful true stories and resources to help you overcome life’s toughest challenges” (Maree Hamilton, 2012). I'm currently writing new resources for you to benefit from, so watch this space!

With over two decades’ management and mentoring experience in the creative and community sectors I’ve served a range of clients ranging from global organisations in high-tech and entertainment publishing sectors, to local not-for-profit and advocacy organisations, small businesses, retail and finance sectors. In 2015, I formalised my mentoring strength as a Transformational Coach by opening the doors of my private Sydney coaching practice, as well as creating online programs and communities to guide women across the globe to stop living a half-life, putting other people's needs ahead of their own (people-pleasing) and finally breakthrough to their own happiness and fulfilment in their uniquely defined limitless life!

Today, as an expert educator guiding leaders how to share their vision and impact the world, I only teach what I've lived and learnt (formally through attaining Post-graduate level tertiary qualifications (in PR, Marketing and Business Management) or what I've self-learnt through making the mistakes you can avoid by learning from me!). I’m enormously humbled to share with you the sacred spaces of transformation I offer through my Media & Communications group trainings and 1:1 trauma aware coaching programs.

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If you're a founder, author or expert, and you have a message for the world, this mini-workshop On Demand is for you!  Learn the 3 Best Publicity Methods to increase your impact, influence and income - all in a couple of hours! This new digital course is not for everyone, it is only for those who know they are called to create change for the better and ready to master sharing their voice. Discover more via link below.


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