TIPS: How to set up your ideal day

TIPS: How to set up your ideal day

Would you love to feel more calm, less stressed and overwhelmed? It really begins the minute you wake up and we do a lot of work on how to set up your ideal day when I work 1:1 with clients or at the annual Intention Setting day workshops.

For now, here is a quick guide to setting up the ideal start to the day :

  • Start out by rising a few minutes earlier, when the house is quiet.
  • Detox the liver with a warm drink of water and lemon
  • Stretch your body. Do you have a set of stretches you enjoy? Try laying out a yoga mat, or towel, and simply breathing into your chest area, asking yourself what stretches you’d like to experience on that day. It doesn’t have to be complicated. Just let go of the expectation or outcome!
  • Journal – this could be writing from a feeling of gratitude for simple or bigger aspects of life. Or, you might like to take this time for reflection, and what I call tuning into your own energy, what emotions and thoughts are most apparent on this day. You could also set an Intention for the day.
  • Next step – As you build on the new habit of focusing inward to set up your day, you might like to consider some meditation practice. No pressure to rush into it, but some of these can be as short as 5 minutes in duration.

Suggested Meditation types:

  1. Body scan
  2. Grounding your energy (available upon request)
  3. intention setting
  4. Heart meditation for compassion (available upon request)

Two of those meditations are available from me as I’ve already pre-recorded them. If you’d like to try the others you can access great meditations via “insight timer” free app, or even youtube.

By Leigh White, Transformational Coach