How can you be the best version of you?

How can you be the best version of you?

Start with a simple step in taking one day a week to make yourself you’re the first-priority. Self-care Sunday!

It’s not about the stereotypical over-the-top and potentially challenging entire day to yourself. What you personally need might be simpler. Be mindful of your own needs, and that is individual! Your acceptance of your own values and what matters to you is important.

It isn’t easy for everyone to just check out of their responsibilities but with a little planning, not much, you can get a little time out – even if is time in solitude for half hour, or out walking for an hour, or something else?

In my Facebook community I asked the question “If you could write a note to your younger self what would you say in only two words?” and here are some of the replies in the group:

Be brave.

Stay strong.

Don’t worry.

Stay healthy.

Chill out or go flow.

Be yourself.

Love yourself.

Self care and self respect.

By Leigh White, Transformational Coach