What is Transformational Coaching?

Are you at a crossroads in life, where work or relationships are no longer as meaningful as they once were? Or maybe you are trying to cope with loss, change or managing stress and anxiety?

Leigh White facilitates you identifying what is blocking you from happiness and the success you desire. Leigh is also an advanced meditator and mindfulness teacher, which enables her clients to regain calm in their daily life.

With a career spanning more than two decades in corporate management and consulting, Leigh expertly guides clients to get clarity and a plan to have a more fulfilling career.

Transformational Coaching is about uncovering the truth of who you really are and connecting with your authentic self. Being authentic means hearing your needs and dreams, taking notice of what you would love to have more of in your life and what you’d like to change! It also means allowing yourself time-space and professional guidance to heal the past and release negative patterns. If you are considering breaking the cycles of negativity or feeling stuck, watch Leigh’s video on the home page and book a free 30-minute discussion with Leigh to get Clarity for your next step;

Individual Coaching Program:

Personal development | women’s empowerment, | relationships, | addressing past trauma | mindfulness techniques, | empathetic support, | coping with grief and change | overcoming specific fears (e.g. swimming, driving, speaking up or expressing your needs)

Career Coaching:

Career Coaching and Development | women’s empowerment, Stress Management & mindfulness techniques, | overcome specific fears or remove anxiety (i.e., sport, leadership skills and public speaking, performance anxiety). Read the testimonials about career coaching

Keynote Speaking and Training

With two decades in the creative sector and also not-for-profit, Leigh offers personalized speaking topics including areas such as:

  • Imposter Syndrome
  • Knowing Your Value
  • How to Build Confidence
  • The importance of personal branding
  • Mindfulness and Meditation training
  • Mental health, lived experience bereavement speaking

Leigh has appeared and trained at organisations such as The University of Notre Dame, not-for-profit organisations, Oticon Australia (medical devices), and the Interactive Gaming and Entertainment Association (IGEA) Women in Tech initiative events at Sydney Start Up Hub.

To enquire about Leigh’s training, or discuss your requirement, please email Leigh directly at

Soultopia Signature Visibility program

Are you a heart-led professional or small business creator, and you know this is your year, but things are not working out? Want more confidence and clarity to make decisions about your next step, and how to communicate your unique value?

  • I was there and went through all the worry, uncertainty, feelings of lack, watching endless webinars on offer, then found out that having a community of like-minded women to learn with and from was what it would take.
  • I sucked up the fear of diving into my business head-first and got out of my own way! I chose an awesome mentor and fast-tracked my lessons (learning from her mistakes!) to have the client-focused practice that doesn’t drain our adrenals in the process!
  • Recently I created a set of tools for you in a focused program designed for heart-centred women across the GLOBE to have all that they desire and deserve in their business. The Soultopia program is a structured process offering accountability, support and new skills to get visibility, get clarity about your next step, learn how to write messages that will connect straight to the heart of the people you’d love to work with, have your own community in an online community to create the structure you need for long-lasting success and happiness!
  • Eligible women can access this FREE 30-minute call but this week I have only a LIMITED OFFER. If you Deeply Desire Clarity, which you go ahead and schedule today via this link:

Watch this space for new program updates